Looking for a Pediatrics Office in Ashburn, VA?

The pediatricians at Nova Medical Group in Ashburn, VA are commited to achieving the best physical, mental and social health and well-being for infants, children, adoescents and young adults.

As a family practice for Ashburn, VA, we offer pedatric services, a pediatric clinic, and pediatric nurses and doctors to the community in our Ashburn and Leesburg offices. We believe a strong partnership between the parent and physician provides the best results for the care and health of the child. We strive to deliver treatment in the most efficient and cost effective way, suitable to all parties.

Looking for a Pediatrician? Visit the Nova Medical Group.

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6 Natural Ways to Address Erectile Dysfunction

Teerawong (Kan) Kasiolarn, ND, LAc, MSAc, is a certified naturopathic doctor and licensed acupuncturist at Nova Medical & Urgent Care Center, which joined the Inova Medical Group in May. Read Teerawong (Kan) Kasiolarn’s profile. Erectile dysfunction – impotence – is something few men like to discuss, but it’s surprisingly common. Studies suggest about 18 percent […]

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To Speak with Your Care Team…

We are excited to announce that we’ve joined the Inova Medical Group, a division of the Inova Health System which offers primary care and adult specialty services throughout the D.C. Metro region!   Because we are transitioning to the Epic Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, you will need to establish a new patient portal account […]

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